To Our Valued Clients,

We share this message with you today, year end of 2021, amid a very challenging economy. Raising interest rates, inflation and most importantly to our industry, supply chain issues. In our 18 years of business we have never seen such issues with inventories as we do today. We want you to know, although product availability might be limited, we will continue to deliver the product as fast and efficient as possible once it arrives at our facility. Please realize that we understand the importance of your project and how much it means to you, teams back on the field, valuable messages for fund raisers, corporate events, new business start-ups, to long standing existing clients, we get it! We are in this together, but we urge you to be reasonable of the situation at hand and realize it will get better and none of the economic conditions are in our direct control. We want to convey the following valuable information to help guide you for a successful continued (or new) relationship.

  • Don’t wait! We cannot stress enough that inventories are moving so quickly, quantities that show today, in some cases could disappear as soon as same day, or following day. We will continue to guide you in product that might have “high inventories” vs. items that will move very quickly.

  • Don’t trust back-order dates! Back orders in today’s world are dependent on many factors, mainly, how many prior orders are in queue vs. how much product is actually coming in. Add to the factor of the actual supply chain, port, truckers, and of course the overall demand for each particular product.

  • Please visit our links on our website. Our wholesale tab will describe everything we need to price your project and the online catalog tabs are most helpful. Our first catalog the “grey tab” is our go to catalog for most product, jackets, vests, outerwear, and some athletic wear, geared towards overall athletics, vs. team specific. The third “red tab” is our team wear, dance schools, caps, and has specific color combinations as well as, the ability to build custom apparel, such as sublimation or custom build caps. We urge you to also visit another supplier for teams and athletic wear which have a plethora of choices, also including sublimation. Check Alleson for uniform choices.

Healthy and Happy New Year to everyone!