Embroidery Digitizing is tracing artwork with stitches using software to turn it into embroidery files.

Digitizing is transforming pre-existing artwork into an embroidery file, which can run on your embroidery machine, by applying stitches to that artwork in your embroidery software. In other words, embroidery digitizing is using software to create a series of commands which tell your embroidery machine how to stitch out a design.
Although this explanation is rather simple, I assure you that there is a lot more to embroidery digitizing than meets the eye. Embroidery digitizing is like painting with stitches, and just like painting, certain rules apply. Digitizing is all about the physical attributes of machine embroidery and learning how to use digitizing software to get the results you want. Choosing the appropriate stitch type & stitch directions is where the real learning curve is involved. This process from start to finish could take a couple of hours between actually setting up the logo and making modifications after sewing out samples. For pricing purposes, we look at the complexity of the logo, the size of the logo and also how many pieces are being ordered for that particular logo.